Innovation that does it all for you.

Forget complex HR time clock systems, forget about companies overcharging you. FUZZtec makes HR easier than ever before, and keeping that plain cheap for you too.


FUZZtec brings Balance to your business with Authentic time clock systems and fully Automated Data Processing. Enjoy your business once more!


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Select the Time Attendance device that fits you

We crafted a family of devices with complimentary Management Dashboard included: process worked hours data anytime, anyplace. Upgrade to save precious manpower time and money: automate those worked hours to optimize your core-business efficiency.




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Time Attendance technology @work for you

One big system bundle: Employees use a personal time clock device to record Time-IN and -OUT > Management uses the Dashboard for Worked Hours data processing. Advanced automation, made plain cheap.

How it Works.


Device use

Select the device that fits best and let Employees record their Attendance:

Click Time-IN & -OUT.


Data processing

Management Users process Worked Hours.

Complimentary use included with each device.

(Free one-time registration required.*)




Complimentary Management Dashboard use is included free with each device. Simple 1-step one-time registration, to connect the Device and Dashboard together.

A U T H E N T I C   devices.   I N T U I T I V E   services.

Powerful Advantages.

FUZZtec crafted a complete Time Attendance system bundle that’s @work for you. Clutter-free devices, made-easy and affordable, with full Automation for you (optional). Forget complexity, bring back focus to your business. Grow big and get devices completely Free.

  • flexible-use

    flexible use

    Enjoy unparalleled flexible use, whether in the office, or “outside”. Forget everything they’ve told you; enjoy only the benefits, not the negatives.

  • fuzz-stick-use


    FUZZ-STICK is the perfect device for use at external locations; for people that are “on-the-move”.

  • data-backups


    You’re crucial operations are safe with our data backups: With the original data online and a sync copy offline we keep your business safe.

  • money-back-guarantee


    We want you to be an absolutely 100% happy user, so our Products and subscriptions (+ our support) are covered with our money-back-guarantee.

  • IM-Chat-support

    Free Support is included

    In need of Support ?! We’re standing by: support is always included 100% free >  Within 24 hours we answer all emails or contact us using your choice IM APP.

  • get volume-discounts


    We want you to save money, so we feature a volume discounts plan that keeps everybody happy and promotes your company’s growth. Until they’re Free !

  • record-onsite-worked-hours


    Work today has become a flexible out-of-office experience, but time attendance recording must still continue. Use FUZZtec devices and it’s all recorded and

  • flexible-use utilities


    Simply Record your Starting and Finishing time and let Management take care of the rest. It’s the way Time Attendance was intended: Authentic yet Intuitive.

  • auto-warranty-upgrades


    The FUZZ-C comes with our Basic 3-year Warranty, providing 100% trouble-free use. Use our FUZZ-WEBSITE and/or APPs, knowing that you’re fully covered as well.

  • Use-with-Any-mobile

    APPs for any Platform

    FUZZtec APPs fit any smartphone perfectly. It’s easy, simple, safe & secure; And best of all: use of the Management Dashboard is included completely free !

Experience Excellent Value.

Free_Shipping_worldwideWorldwide Free

Device Shipping

3YRwarranty-devices3-yr Full Warranty
on FUZZtec devices

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Payment freedom. Pay your way.


FUZZtec is all about making things simple for you. With 21 payment gateways you’re in control: Use the payment gateway that works best for you.

Exclusively available from FUZZtec:


governments Free Plan

Governments Free Plan.

FUZZtec features a complete Time Attendance system for all Local, Regional & National Governments. You will receive the required quantity of FUZZ-C’s at NO charge, plus the custom-built secure plugin module to connect/link your HR software program.

Special low subscription pricing applies.


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